[wp-hackers] Plugin options page

Alex Günsche ag.ml2007 at zirona.com
Wed Jun 13 08:35:11 GMT 2007


I have an idea I'd like to discuss.

There are many plugins that need to add options to the admin panel. For
many plugins, this is only some few options. It is unneccessary to
create a separate subpage for that, an additional fieldset on an
existing page would already be sufficient.

I wonder if WordPress could introduce an additional Options page, where
plugins with few options can just hook in, add their one or two options
in a fieldset and have their separate "Save" button (and maybe a global
"Save" for the page). I know that there is ./wp-admin/options.php, but
this is not very userfriendly.

Alternatively, the existing Options pages could get new hooks, so the
plugins could simply add their options there.

Best regards,

Alex Günsche, Zirona OpenSource-Consulting
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