[wp-hackers] WP issues

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Jun 6 11:04:18 GMT 2007

Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:

> But WP can create malformed XML. The feeds are just an example of that. 
> That argument is only valid when you know the output is well-formed.

Yes, WP can create malformed XML.

No, WP should not create malformed XML.

It is possible to autofix all malformedness before publishing anything. 
This has been proven by example in Java (Google TagSoup). I am not yet 
aware of a similar effort in PHP. Tidy comes close but is not quite 
robust enough.

It may be possible to fix the WordPress problem effectively without 
fixing all malformed HTML. If the themes start well-formed, then all we 
really need to worry about are the posts and comments, and those use 
only a subset of HTML to begin with.

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