[wp-hackers] WP Newbie w/ a Hack

Jacob Rose jacob at thinkgeek.com
Wed Jun 6 01:59:28 GMT 2007

Hello WordPressland!

I'm new to WordPress and building a custom template for my new  
personal site. My design calls for a calendar that stays within a  
given category, and I couldn't find a way to do that; using  
"get_calendar()" on my category archive page returned a calendar with  
all posts in it, therefore providing navigation to pages outside the  
selected category (which didn't work out).

I have patches to the get_category, get_month_link, and get_day_link  
functions that let you have in-category calendars (see attached diffs  
for wp-includes/general-template.php and wp-includes/link- 
template.php). You can use the modified calendar on the archive page  
like so:

$cat = array_shift( get_the_category() );
get_calendar( true, $cat->cat_ID );

I'm not sure if that's the canonical way to find the archive page's  
category id (I kinda doubt it), but it works.

I don't have any other contributors to my site planned, but it  
wouldn't be hard to make the calendar glue itself to the author in  
the same way...but is there a standard WordPressian way to accomplish  
this without modifications like these?

Thanks for any feedback and thanks for WordPress!

Jacob Rose
Coder Monkey Minion
jacob at thinkgeek.com

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