[wp-hackers] Separation of Spam Moderating and Comment Editing rights

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 11:26:41 GMT 2007

Computer Guru wrote:
> So I'm just thinking people could give this right to "spam hunters"
> who could do this, but keeping full veto power with the administrator
> and perserving the integrity of the comments by not giving them
> permission to edit or delete comments they might find offensive.

Ah cool, so instead of wasting resources on building anti-spam
datacentres like what they use for Akismet, we could go to Kamino and
get them to build us a clone army of human comment spam filters.

We could give them the capability only to log onto our WordPress
installations and spam or de-spam the comments without the worry of them
posting blog posts or editing comments. 100% accuracy.

Brilliant! :)

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