[wp-hackers] Integrate URLs from custom plugins?

Boris Anthony lists.permutype at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 22:35:13 GMT 2007

Hi folks, Jennifer,

I'm kinda pullin hairs out here trying to do just this kind of thing.  
Can anyone point me to a plugin that does something like this? The  
documentation is so sparse and all over the place and I can't make it  
work ayeee

for now I'm just wanting to pull up template->test.php when I hit a  
category archive with /test appended
e.g.: /category/foobar/test -> use test.php template

been at this for 2 hours... must be overlooking something obvious or  
is it really voodoo? ;)



On 29-May-07, at 10:46 AM, Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:

> Tobias Nygren wrote [in part]:
>> I'm migrating a website to the Wordpress platform. One
>> part of the website is a weekly newsletter archive
>> where you can access certan newsletters this way: http:// 
>> domain.com/newsletters/year(number)/week(number)/
>> Basicly, what I want to do is to send Wordpress to my
>> newsletter page (a wordpress page with a custom
>> template) that processes the url and shows the
>> newsletter.
> In outline, what you need to do is this, in a plugin:
> 1) Define a couple of query variables and a rewrite rule in  
> WordPress to match your URL structure.
> 2) Use the the template_redirect action to redirect to your  
> newsletter page when this URL is requested.
> Here are some reference articles (see also articles referenced in  
> these articles, if you need more background):
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Query_Overview - explains how WordPress  
> processes URLs
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Queries - examples of how to use  
> query variables and rewrite rules
> Good luck!
>      Jennifer
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