[wp-hackers] Per Post comment feed...feature or accident?

Brian Layman Brian at thecodecave.com
Tue Jul 31 15:02:17 GMT 2007

>> Its a feature, It really depends on the theme if its shown though.
>> The same goes for category and tag pages, append /feed/ to nearly any WP
>> page and you'll get a feed for changes on that page.

This is very helpful when adding your blog to "lists" and dedicated pages.
You can give that side a feed that is specific to their site and that
increases the likelihood that your blog will be accepted and decreases the
pollution of that site.  For example the site DelphiFeeds.com would only
want to see posts in the Delphi category.  Actually I'm on there with my
Borland feed which includes Delphi and all subcategories below it.

It's a wonderful WordPress feature.


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