[wp-hackers] Changing two variables listed in apply_filters hook

FUJINAKA Tohru tohru at nakarika.com
Sun Jul 22 12:52:41 GMT 2007

Oops, I sent code still working but over modificat... how do I say in
Well, I sent one of testing code I wrote but there included no mean reference.

> $first = apply_filters('test-me', 'first', &$second, array(&$second));

the reference `&$second' does not work. So it's good still like:

> $first = apply_filters('test-me', 'first', $second, array(&$second));


In addition, the modification required to a hook source will be like

   apply_filters ('get_categories', $categories, $r);
to apply_filters ('get_categories', $categories, $r, array(&$r));

then a filter you'll write:
   add_filter ('get_categories', 'my_handler', 10, 2);
   function my_handler($cats, $r)
to add_filter ('get_categories', 'my_handler', 10, 3);
   function my_handler($cats, $r, $r_array)
     $r_array[0][..] = ...


  FUJINAKA Tohru aka reedom <tohru at nakarika.com>

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