[wp-hackers] ID attributes for admin menu items

Leonid Mamchenkov leonid at mamchenkov.net
Sun Jul 22 10:26:46 GMT 2007


I am working on a customization of administration interface.  There
are a few themes around already, and I've seen them all.  IMHO, Tiger
does the best job - clean, easy, and a really fresh look.  I'm using
it as a reference.

One of the problems on the way is styling the admin menu items.  The
list has the adminmenu class assigned to it, but it's not enough.
Tiger, for example, introduces unique icons for each main menu item,
which is very cool.  But currently it does it with a hack.  Icons are
attached to consequitive list items (item 1, item 2, item 3, etc).
This, of course, breaks horribly if main menu items are hidden or

I think it would be nice to have a unique ID set on each menu item, so
that a style could be attached to it.  The ID can be dynamically
generated from the item title or something like that.

For example,

<li id="menu_dashboard"><a href="">Dashboard</a></li>
<li id="menu_manage"><a href="">Manage</a></li>
<li id="menu_blogroll"><a href="">Links</a></li> ;)

I think the patch would be trivial too.


Leonid Mamchenkov

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