[wp-hackers] WordPress Uses "Wrong" Apostrophe in Blog Title

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 10 22:27:12 GMT 2007

On 10 Jul 2007, at 20:15, Matt wrote:

> On 7/10/07, Geoffrey Sneddon <foolistbar at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> &apos; is an XML entity, and is not defined in HTML 4.01 (and
>> therefore it is listed under the Appendix C guidelines for serving
>> XHTML 1.0 as text/html). In reality, every browser supports it even
>> in HTML. It's specified in the HTML5 draft, though.
> IE7 doesn't support &apos;
> Oh, and &apos; looks like a neutral apostrophe in Firefox, Opera  
> and Safari.

IE doesn't support it? That surprises me. And yes, it is just U+0039  
(as that is what it is defined to be).

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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