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Mon Jul 9 20:54:46 GMT 2007

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I was speaking to a good friend of mine at Lunarpages about our PHP5 dilemma
and pretty much asking if she had any idea what it would take to get this
switch to actually happen (if ever) - seeing as she works at one of the
biggest webhosts I figured I'd see what she thought.

Basically it was like most of the comments in the previous thread were
saying, it's pure laziness and there is no real good reason for it.

She showed me something really interesting - their implementation of PHP5
(5.2.3 -and- due for an upgrade) is a big button in the customer's control
panel that says "Switch to PHP (4|5)" and the client just has to press it
and the .htaccess file is auto-created - pretty simple, I don't get why all
the other hosts are making such a fuss.

Anyway, it seems Lunarpages is pretty keen on the PHP5 campaign: I barely
finished with that conversation when this appeared on their blog:

It looks like Lunarpages is committing themselves to providing as recent
versions of PHP5 as are necessary, offering a discount too.

I'm wondering if other hosts wouldn't be willing to take a leaf out of their
book - I mean it's not as if it's in 1and1|dreamhost|aso|whatever's favor to
lose customers *if the switch ever happens*  I mean, they're GOING to switch
to PHP5 in the end, so I bet if WP said "we're not supporting PHP4 any more"
that's what it would take.... 

(Note: new thread started to focus on the aspect of getting the hosts to
switch over to PHP5 - not whether or not WP itself should be PHP5'd)

- -CG

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