[wp-hackers] Drop PHP4 support entirely?

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come off as arrogant or anything, I was just
stating my opinion as I saw it. (and my screen name is just that - a screen
name - and not intended to imply or otherwise state anything).

My point was that (in my humble opinion) it wouldn't make sense to use a
script to run a *second* script/cli to get that at the info. (in my humble
opinion) It makes more sense to write a system monitoring program in a
language that can -directly- interface with the applications you want to
monitor/manage. As in, instead of running a mysql command line tool to get
the number of active MySQL connections, if you were to write the program in
C in the first place, you could use the MySQL APIs directly and save time,
size, performance, and compatibility.

(in my humble opinion) That would be the best way to go. I don't get to
decide (nor do I want to) what people do with their time or how they choose
to tackle a particular problem. The whole point of the mailing lists (in my
humble opinion - just how many times do I have to say that anyway?) is
pretty much peer review. Throw an idea, and people criticize.... it's more
fun than being a bobble-head/yes-man anyway.

I was just giving my two cents why - in my opinion - PHP may (or may not) be
the way to go. I mean, what's the point of posting on a mailing list anyway
if there aren't going to be any "other ideas" present? I'm not saying your
idea in particular is wrong - I'm only giving reasons why I think there may
be a better way. And I'm *sure* that for every correct thing I say there are
a hundred *more correct* things to be said - it's all a process of
constructive criticism, brain-storming, and building up a better foundation
for whatever it is we want.

So sorry if I came off a bit strong-headed, that was most definitely not my

(Maybe I should just start putting a disclaimer in my signature, change my
screen name to John Smith, post one-liners, and say yes to every idea that's
gets raised?)

- -CG

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> Computer Guru said:
> > PHP may be more powerful than we think *as a web scripting
> > language* but not
> > as a desktop application....
> I was thinking about PHP as a *scripting* language, regardless of web-
> or-not-web prefix, just another language you can use in writing
> system scripts.
> I think that if I can do something in bash, I would be able to do the
> same thing in php, but with a weblike interface. Or at least try it
> and waste my time.
> But if you disagree in that way, I'll surely consider another
> approach. I haven't a *guru* suffix in my nickname :-)
> aloha
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