[wp-hackers] Drop PHP4 support entirely?

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I have to disagree.

PHP is a powerful -web scripting language- not a general-purpose language.
PHP CLI *is* the _same thing_ as the PHP web. Same engine, works in the same
way, does the same thing, and has the same weaknesses.

Only difference is, one outputs to the command line and the other to a net

It doesn't really make a difference if we're talking PHP5 or PHP3 - it
wasn't made to do this in the first place.

It's not the language so much as it is the implementation. For instance,
with PHP-Phalanger (CLR/.NET version of PHP), it's no longer PHP - you code
in PHP and it gets changed into the same machine code it would be if it were
written C++. But when you're running php-cgi or isapi or mod_php, it was
never intended to do anything but web scripting and I doubt even the guys at
php.net would recommend for such a job.

PHP may be more powerful than we think *as a web scripting language* but not
as a desktop application....

Sure, on Linux you have the (PHP|Python|Perl)-Gtk libraries which let you
(very badly) tie a PHP script to a non-HTML GUI, but the best they can do is
call up CLI commands and attempt to parse their output. So while you can
have the PHP script call up `shutdown -r now` you're going to be SEVERELY
limited by the lack of communication with other applications and the
Linux/Windows API for whatever it is you're doing.

- -CG 

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> Il giorno 08/lug/07, alle ore 18:26, Aaron Brazell ha scritto:
> > If you can figure out how to use PHP from the web to manipulate all
> > the aspects of system level webhosting without introducing security
> > problems, I'd love to talk to you. :)
> > (via Blackberry)
> > Aaron Brazell
> php web frontend + php cli backend, perhaps?
> I'm not sure it would manage *anything* but it worth a try.
> Next week i'm looking to code something like a proof of concept: a
> web interface to manage a streaming server.
> We just want something like on/off button for an icecast server, but
> I think php is really more powerful than we actually consider it.
> of course, we're talking about php 5.2+ :-)
> aloha
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