[wp-hackers] is there any interest in supporting HTML5?

lawrence at krubner.com lawrence at krubner.com
Sun Jul 8 20:52:17 GMT 2007

I just read this comment on a blog:

"Regarding the WHATWG?s WordPress blog installation and the problems  
with it, I have attempted to get it to output HTML5 instead of XHTML,  
but the major problem is that there?s XHTML empty element syntax,  
string-based processing and other nasty surprises littered throughout  
the code, that it?s [not?] just as simple as writing a new template  
for it. It?s such a fundamental flaw in the way WordPress and many  
other CMSs have been built.  The best option is to write a CMS from  
scratch that uses real XML tools on the back end and serialises as  
HTML to output; but the amount of time and effort that would take to  
set up compared with the one-click installation of Word Press is just  
too much."


I'm curious how much work it would take to do an HTML 5 version of  
WordPress? Any estimates from the group? Is this the kind of thing I  
could tackle in a weekend if I wanted to?

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