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I was just about to reply to the same effect :)

Trebuchet MS is the default typeface for title bars in XP - but nothing else!

Interesting tidbit: 
In some versions of Trebuchet MS (those shipped with Windows 2000 and early versions of Internet Explorer), the opening quotation mark character was flipped vertically. This error was fixed in later versions.[1] (i.e. the rdquo and ldquo were the same)

MS Sans Serif and then Tahoma were the defaults for Windows.
With Vista the default UI font became Segoe UI.

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Vista wallpapers:
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I just love Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Constantia, Segoe Script... hell all of them!

I got a chance to speak with one of the typographists (real word?) working on this project (John Hudson), really interesting just how much effort went into making the fonts look JUST right (days poring over a 2000pt blown-up version of each and every letter of each and every font, with attention to hinting, aliasing, size, transparency, etc).. Too bad MS didn't hire experts to design their kernel and pay it as much attention as they did the wallpapers (omg! Beauty!) and the fonts.. :'(

- -CG

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> Matt wrote:
> > Oh, and in Vista, it looks to me that most of the font is Trebuchet
> MS.
> No way, it's Segoe UI. I don't know how _anybody_ could think they're
> even remotely alike.
> Sorry, I have a typographically-inclined eye. ;)
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