[wp-hackers] WordPress Uses "Wrong" Apostrophe in Blog Title

Rob Miller r at robm.me.uk
Sun Jul 8 03:57:16 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> Apostrophes should be defined by the Font in use, not be what someone 
> says
> "should be used". The last time I checked, windows uses Trebuchet MS 
> as the
> font for most of the OS. In Trebuchet MS, the "neutral apostrophe" is 
> used.
> In other fonts, they might use the "curly apostrophe". The font should be
> the deciding party on what the apostrophe should look like, not 
> WordPress...
> Or... is WordPress just using htmlspecialchars()? In which case, take the
> last sentence and replace "WordPress" with "PHP".

What? It's not up to the font at all, ’ is fundamentally and 
semantically different to ', and the former should be used as an 
apostrophe in text.

Rob Miller

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