[wp-hackers] WordPress Uses "Wrong" Apostrophe in Blog Title

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sat Jul 7 21:40:41 GMT 2007

>> But doesn't Google ignore punctuation altogether? Or, doesn't it
>> recognise &8217; as punctuation?
> I don't think Google ignores apostrophes... I don't think it
> recognizes ’ as an apostrophe, though...

It either supports it or ignores it, I'm not sure.

For example, Google for "lightroom's odd vista incompatibility" and Google properly returns the blog entry "Fix Lightroom’s odd Vista incompatibility", which only uses the proper typographical apostrophe.

Technically, Unicode 8217 /is/ an apostrophe, in the sense that it's the preferred glyph for both a closing single quote and an apostrophe.  The old typewriter glyph is mainly an artifact of a 7-bit character set and the limitations of mechanical typewriters.

-- Charles

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