[wp-hackers] Drop PHP4 support entirely?

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Sat Jul 7 17:44:41 GMT 2007

In the case of 1and1 (who I'm using for several sites) it just has to be
lazy.  They default to v4.x on their shared hosting plans (with the .php5
option via .htaccess) and v5.x on their dedicated servers.  The reason I say
"has to be lazy" is that the version of 5 they use is 5.04 -- the one
version that everyone, including the PHP web site says to avoid...

And their servers are all running Fedora 4... And 7 just came out??

If it weren't for great pricing, and HUGE bandwidth limits I'd be elsewhere,

> From: Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net>
> Subject: RE: [wp-hackers] Drop PHP4 support entirely?
> It may be just laziness, but for THREE years? Maybe they have a good reason.
> More than likely, they don't but just need a push in the right direction

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