[wp-hackers] Advantage (or not) of hosting badges

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Not really.

I have 6 or 7 different badges and some users use more than one
simultaneously - but each is like 5 or 6 kb! (yay for lossless png

Anyway, if it gets to be too much, you just set up a server-side redirect
(htaccess rules) and point it to an offloaded server (flickr, amazon, etc) -
you can still control the content by changing the redirect whenever you want
- - plus if you want to hit-track you can do that too since it's still
counting as a hit on your site.

But honestly, it's not even a dent compared to the other bandwidth

5-10kb per image + gzip == negligible impact :)

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> Thanks to both of you for the input. Do you have any trouble with
> bandwidth?
> I know it's a tiny thing, but if you've got billions of hits on one
> tiny
> thing, it can add up.
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