[wp-hackers] Maximum # of users

Charles Hooper charles.hooper at sub.st
Tue Jan 30 23:54:50 GMT 2007

What's the maximum number of users Wordpress intends to support? User 
IDs in wp_users are stored as BIGINT(20), however while messing about 
with the caching functions I noticed that get_userdata() casts the 
supplied ID to an integer, making ~2 billion the maximum number of users 
possible that Wordpress can handle.

While I don't see anyone ever reaching 2 billion users, I actually see 
this as causing problems if anyone were to ever have more than the max # 
of users signed up. Looking at the code it appears that those users 
having greater than the maximum amount would be locked out.

If the ~2 billion is enough, would it make more sense to reduce that 
column size? Leave it alone? Or get rid of the cast to integer in 
get_userdata() ?

Charles Hooper

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