[wp-hackers] load_plugin_textdomain() change proposal

David Horat david.horat at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 01:43:22 GMT 2007

I mixed up themes and plugins. Sorry for the fast writing. I just meaned the
plugins issue, because themes have already the
load_theme_textdomain($domain) as Jamie Talbot said. I repeat my email with
the corrections.

Currenly, this function searches by default in "wp-content/plugin/"
folder. This makes the this folder to have too many files and mess up
the plugin management. Each plugin should be autocontained in just one
folder, its folder. So all translations files should be included in
its folder and not in the main plugin folder shared by all pluggins.
It is just nonsense. To fix this issue there are two main posibilities

- make the default search in "wp-content/plugin/[the plugin]/" which
will still mess up the plugin folder if it has many translations.

- make the default search in "wp-content/plugin/[the
plugin]/languages/" where all the languages of [the plugin] will be
contained. I selected the folder name "languages" to keep on with the
same nomenclature used in "wp-includes/languages/". This will force
the plugin creators to create a folder named "languages" which is not
bad at all, providing a main protocol of how to create a theme.

This issue was tried to be discussed in the trac[1], but it was
redirected to [2] which is not a solution at all and makes more mess
up. I will also recommend to revert the [2] patch, because making the
language folders variable is not dessiderable and makes the plugin
creator to write too much duplicated code in his files.

If we achieve here a consensus I will post it in the bug tracker.
Thanks and happy blogging! :)

[1] http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1649
[2] http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1468

Best Regards,
David Horat

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