[wp-hackers] A new spammer targeting wp hacker types...

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Jan 26 04:25:45 GMT 2007

Watch out for this guy...  Pretty sneaky...

Here's his spam comment:
"I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me
to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right
spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments
loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful.

Unfortunately it also comes with random email addresses and a link that goes
to a cheap pharmaceuticals site.  As if wp hacker would prescription drugs
from one of their spammers...  Akismet isn't catching it yet.  So if you got
any of these, don't waste your time with a reply
Brian Layman

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