[wp-hackers] Enhance WP to use page categories

Petit petit at petitpub.com
Wed Jan 24 23:09:14 GMT 2007

Mike Purvis wrote:
> I would implement this in terms of the hierarchy.
> You could a have a base page with a slug like "/private/" so that
> pages like "/private/secrets" would be inaccessible. You'd just have
> to have a plugin that ran at boot time and dumped you to the login
> screen if you didn't have authorization to view the given stem.
> As for the question about static pages, it's fully possible to wrap
> your theme around *any* content you like, even dynamic stuff, or
> something you wouldn't want to enter through the editor. For example,
> we have source code views that look like this:
> http://googlemapsbook.com/chapter6/onResize/map_functions.js.source#l6-10
> If you strip off the ".source" portion, it displays a plain JavaScript
> file sitting on the server. But ".source" funnels it into a Wordpress
> plugin page that shows the arbitrary content---in this case,
> prettily-rendered source code.
> If there's general interest in how to do this, I'd be happy to publish
> a tutorial.
> Mike
Beautiful! Please do.

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