[wp-hackers] Issue when using WP_Cache and WP-PostView

Truong Phan Dang dangtruong at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 06:39:55 GMT 2007

Hi every body*
*I am a loyalty WordPress user.  I have just found a problem when I useWP-Cache
2.0.22, combine with your plugin *WP-PostViews 1.10**
*The problem is that WP-Cache has a mission to generate static page, then
users will access to it without querying, then WP-PostView can not update
the new information until the new"real" page could be generated.

I tried the function:
<!--mfunc the_views() -->
<?php the_views() ?>

but not effect either

Is there anyway to overcome this issue.

WP-Cache cold be found here:

WP-PostView 1.10 could be found here:

Best Regards
Thank you very much

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