[wp-hackers] CSS Oddity, Log Back in to Fix (Revisited)

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Wed Jan 24 04:06:58 GMT 2007

___/ On Tue 23 Jan 2007 19:16:55 GMT, [ Brian Layman ] wrote : \___

> Look at the style being used:
> http://www.betadot.com/wp-content/themes//style.css
> It seems that something might just be missing there....
> http://www.betadot.com/wp-content/themes/betadot/style.css  is consistent
> with the theme they have selected and works fine.
> So, why is the theme missing from that line.  Is the variable uninitialized
> or cleared?
> This is the only reference to themes// in that source is:
> 	<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0" /> <!-- leave this
> for stats please -->
> 	<style type="text/css" media="screen">
> 		@import url(
> http://www.betadot.com/wp-content/themes//style.css );
> 	</style>
> So, it is probably only a problem with the header.
> A glance at the code shows the issue could be with
> bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') or
> bloginfo('stylesheet_url')
> And which one is to be used, depends upon theme implementation in
> header.php.
> What does the theme that you had active use?

Hi Brian,

Have a look at:  

There  are  followups  as well. I have the same  problem  in
several  independent  Web sites. Others have  reported  that
they suffer from this problem as well.

The  themes and the setups (including versions of Apache and
WordPress)   are   not  the  same.  Personally,  I   use   a
heavily-modified  version  of  WP 1.2.1. I  don't  get  this
problem  in  some  of the other blogs. What's  most  awkward
about  this  is  the  fact that nothing  has  been  changed,
neither  on  the server (e.g. upgrades) nor the  code  (e.g.
plugins).  The example that I listed and you refer to  above
is  not one which I looked at carefully, so it might be best
to ignore it.

I was hoping that someone else has found a  solution by now.
I am  fairly  confident that  there's a  quick fix, but  who
knows where to get started?

Many thanks,


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