[wp-hackers] Re: Comment Feed and Trackback Problem

Bill Smith ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org
Tue Jan 23 01:17:53 GMT 2007

Bill Smith wrote:
> Bill Smith wrote:
>> I've been playing with a plugin that creates entries in the posts table
>> with post types other than post, page, and attachment. I'm doing this
>> with the idea of using the commenting components that already exist in
>> Wordpress (moderation, akismet, etc.) instead of growing my own. While
>> playing with this, the standard comment feed and trackback links were
>> displayed with the links being
>> http://localhost:8080/wordpress21/?feed=rss2&p=5 and
>> http://localhost:8080/wordpress21/wp-trackback.php?p=5. I wasn't
>> surprised that these would fail in my case because p=5 will look for a
>> post/page. However, it did prompt to try and create a page with a
>> standard attachment using the upload functionality linking to a page.
>> The same problem occurred. The links contain a querystring with p=
>> instead of attachment_id=. This was done with the default theme and
>> syncing with svn and the 2.1 branch. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
>> Bill
> As I've been looking at this, one thing jumped out at me (probably out 
> of ignorance on my part). The first is why are attachments referenced 
> with attachment_id= instead of p=? The post_type is easily identified 
> in the query so a special query string doesn't seem to be needed.
> Regardless, how practical would it be to add some sort of registration 
> function that plugins could use for adding additional post types?
> Bill
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Anybody have any thoughts on this at all? I can't find anything 
documented on adding new post_types. In addition I was hoping someone 
could confirm whether feed problem with attachments is a bug.


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