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Please use the support forums for things like this. It's been covered many
times before and is simply a basic support question. ;)

You need to set the URLs in your options area to

On 1/22/07, list at mumbles-uk.com <list at mumbles-uk.com> wrote:
> After much searching around on Google and in the forums this morning I
> still haven't come up with a solution. I have wordpress installed on
> http://mumbles.homeip.net/john/wordpress/ and it looks fine when im
> viewing locally but when someone tries to view it by said address the
> style sheet dose not show up and all the links are to my local machines
> name.
> Any ideas how to fix this? So it both works on line and when my Internet
> is down/dead?
> Meet up?
> And I think menza is coming to London in the summer. dose anyone want to
> do a London meet up? Caius said he's coming, and ill be there. Anyone
> else?
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