[wp-hackers] Top 50 searches on WP.org

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Fri Jan 19 22:08:40 GMT 2007

> Just to remind us developers what everyday people who come to
> wordpress.org are looking for. It's nice to take a step back from
> getting status headers to work on IIS and consider the bigger picture.

I think the real takeaway from this is to actually try those searches,
and make sure that each of them is returning meaningful results within
a single click. For example, the search for "wp_list_cats" is not
particularly helpful; it's not obvious which link is the appropriate
one, and some are most definitely not at all useful. In that case,
perhaps it's worth hacking in a onebox-style result at the top that
says "Looking to style your navigation and category lists? Check out
this page: http://codex.wordpress.org/Good_Navigation_Links"

Seeing as plugin/plugins is the pretty much a #2 query, it might be
worth someone's while to straighten up the Plugins landing page on the
wiki. Valuable above-the-fold space is going to useless information
about compatibility and which default plugins ship with WP. How about
moving the "What are plugins?" info (and external repos) into a
right-floated box, and then putting a top-ten "Matt Recommends" list
or something into the top area, followed by the breakdown by category.

The Themes wikipage is in better shape, but it's kind of overwhelming.
Maybe some kind of featured "theme of the week" or something would be
more interesting. (Like, if the newbie can figure out how to install
this week's theme, they might feel more ambitious about trying some
random one out of the list...)

Anyhow, just my 0.002 cents. (I'm just a plugin dev and lurker...)


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