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Angsuman Chakraborty angsuman at taragana.com
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A lot of WordPress coding decision are guided by backward compatibility as
it should be. So a decision to use stored procedures should be backed by:

1. Actual tests with prototype demonstrating performance benefits. I don't
think there would be significant benefits as there aren't many repetitive
Queries can be cached if you use object caching. Also the whole page is
cached if you use page caching plugin like wp-cache 2. Normally application
servers benefit from using stored procedures. WordPress serves requests
using PHP in a one-off fashion. Unless it is redesigned to take advantage of
persistence of data across requests, stored procedures isn't going to help

2. Automatic Fallback to using plain SQL queries to support earlier MySQL

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I'm new to the WP development team.  I have decided it's time that I give
back what has been given to me.  I look forward to making mistakes and being
laughed at (I'm sure) by the veterans.

Excuse this if it's already been asked, but is it a consideration to update
WP to use stored procedures that are now allowable in MySQL 5?

Chris Poteet

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