[wp-hackers] User folders for themes, plug-ins

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 18 16:05:54 GMT 2007

> >> [Mark]  ...plugins may be accessing things more directly, counting
> >> on wp-content to be the place where that stuff exists.
> >
> > [Charles] Ah, gotcha.  Maybe we can give plug-in developers a function
> or two to help
> > them avoid path assumptions.
> In the current development version of WP source code, in
> functions.php, there are functions called get_theme_root() etc. So,
> the functions already exist, to some extent. The question is whether
> people use them or not (probably they don't too much, and that applies
> to the WP source code too).
> It doesn't appear there are similar functions for plugins, but I am
> not sure.
>     --Jennifer

Most plugins I see seem to rely upon:

    $pluginpath = ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/';


    $pluginurl = get_settings('siteurl').'/wp-content/plugins/*';

Since this change would most likely affect a large number of plugins (and
possibly themes), hopefully a decision can be made on implementing it in the
near future, that way word can get out to all developers to update their
sources to utilize the new directory structure. 

After that is done, then wp-content/plugins can be utilized more for
Wordpress default plugins (ie: Akismet). The other option then (as much as I
hate rekindling this old fire) is possible moving  TinyMCE to a plugin
included in that directory that is activated by default. Actually there may
be other features that could be moved to the default plugins directory,
which are core features not used by everyone (Links directory comes to
mind). This would make Wordpress much more "modular" IMHO.

Jamie Holly

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