[wp-hackers] User folders for themes, plug-ins

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Thu Jan 18 15:20:26 GMT 2007

> [Viper]  Yeah, this is definitely 2.2 (or dare I say it, 3.0)
> material.

Cool, I didn't mean to suggest that this should be a 2.1 thing.

> [Mark]  ...plugins may be accessing things more directly, counting
> on wp-content to be the place where that stuff exists.

Ah, gotcha.  Maybe we can give plug-in developers a function or two to help
them avoid path assumptions.

> [Steve]  It *can* be written.  It can work cleanly.  It can improve
> the application.  Charles, I guess I'm signing on to help.

Excellent!  I'll do whatever I can, too.  I'm more of a PM-type than a
coder, but I know enough to be dangerous.   :O)   Time for me to spend some
cozy time with the source...

-- Charles

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