[wp-hackers] Upgrade instructions fatally flawed for Mac

Lloyd Budd lloydomattic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 19:07:43 GMT 2007

On 1/17/07, Aaron Brazell <abrazell at b5media.com> wrote:
> I'm not aware of a tar flag either, but you could certainly script
> it. drop it in /usr/bin just so you have it for use later just by
> typing the command
> bash script wp-untar:
> #!/bin/bash
> wget http://www.wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz >&2>/dev/null
> tar zxvf latest.tar.gz
> rsync -r wordpress/* dest_dir/
> On Jan 17, 2007, at 10:43 AM, Scot Hacker wrote:
> > If I could  tell the tar command  to unpack its contents into a
> > destination dir without creating the "wordpress" parent directory,
> > this process would be easier. But I have not been able to find a
> > tar flag to do that. Suggestions?

Aaron's solution is elegant, if you want to be ultra geek the answer
is 'pax' (not standard on Linux, but I think it might be on Mac OS X).
I only know about this from my days of AIX and needing to strip root
dir from tarballs.

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