[wp-hackers] escape data before db insert?

Bjorn Wijers mailings at bdisfunctional.net
Wed Jan 17 18:13:40 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Sometime ago I had a discussion about escaping data in Wordpress. If I 
understood it correctly, this person claimed that every GPC data will be 
escaped by Wordpress before handing it over. I actually doubt that this 
is the case due to the existence of $wpdb->escape().

Now my question is: Do I need to manually call $wpdb->escape() on every 
piece of data I would like to insert into the database or not.

Actually when I do use it, I get an extra slash with this example:

$string = "O'Reilly" (comes in via $_GET or $_POST)

after I use


becomes after retrieving it from the database and echo'ing it:


So I presume it is already escaped before I used $wpdb->escape() and the 
extra $wpdb->escape() changes it into O\\'Reilly before inserting it 
into the database.

Could someone of the core team tell a bit more about when to escape and 
when not as. I would like to harden my plugin against XSS and SQL 
injections and I'd rather not have someones wordpress install get messed 
up due to my plugin.

Thanks in advance!


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