[wp-hackers] Codex updates for 2.1?

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Jan 17 15:41:59 GMT 2007

I am cross-posting this to the Hackers and Docs lists, because I think 
it may require input from both communities.

Being a programmer who loves clear documentation, I've been looking 
over the about-to-be-released code for WordPress 2.1, and I have 
noticed that several things have changed that a plugin or theme 
developer would want to know (new filters, some functions deprecated, 
etc.). I have also noticed that the Codex could probably use a bit of 
reorganization (it looks like several people have discussed this 
recently in the Docs list archives; I just joined the list).

So what I am wondering is:

a) Are there plans to update the developer section of the Codex for 
2.1 changes? I didn't see any in the Docs list archives for Dec/Jan, 
and I just joined the list, so I am not sure.

b) I am also wondering if it might make sense to start a whole new 
developer area in the Wiki for 2.1, and in the process, reorganize the 
existing developer documentation a bit.

c) Once 2.1 is out, will the Wiki need to keep around all the 
information for 2.0.x as well?  For how long? And do we need some 
documentation on the changes (such as what a developer needs to do to 
ensure plugin and theme migration, avoid deprecated functions, etc.)?

Thoughts? And yes, I am offering to help, and maybe even to organize 
projects around this...


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