[wp-hackers] Upgrade instructions fatally flawed for Mac

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Jan 16 15:22:18 GMT 2007

Robert Deaton wrote:

> Your themes, images, etc. should all be named differently than the
> default. I don't think the fact that the default theme should not be
> edited in place is something that is stressed enough. If people were
> to abide by this, nothing of importance would be overridden. 

That's not true. Uploading wp-content erases everything in wp-content, 
including files that are not replaced; at least on the mac. That's the 

> Also, not
> uploading wp-content at all is a rather poor idea, imho, because no
> new themes in future versions and such, or no new default plugins,
> etc. etc. would make it into upgraded sites

This is why the user-supplied files shoudl be more cleanly separated 
from the system files.

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