[wp-hackers] WordPress 2.0.7 final, changes zip, diff

Aaron Brazell abrazell at b5media.com
Tue Jan 16 01:38:14 GMT 2007

On Jan 15, 2007, at 8:35 PM, Brian Layman wrote:

> LOL  OK, I'll admit what you're doing is REALLY cool.  Especially how
> you've integrated it with the user accounts, but... 5.2 Seconds  
> doesn't
> include the downloads and backups! (And I bet it doesn't include the
> Update.php steps either...)  And 182 sites... size isn't EVERYTHING  
> you
> know...  (Gee, never thought I'd have to say that....)
> All that aside, I'd rather have your 182 sites than my 6 :)

That's 5 minutes and 2 seconds, not 5.2 seconds - in case there was  
any confusion. I'm not quite THAT good. :-)

The steps do include running every sites upgrade.php via cURL.

Downloads and backups? Eh... who needs 'em when you have managed  
backup services. :p

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