[wp-hackers] latest.tar.gz Was: MySQL Version Bump

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Jan 12 09:24:46 GMT 2007

Could you all give some thought to a standard name for the latest
tracks.  With 2-3 years remaining of multiple tracks running AND USED,
it would be convenient to have a new naming standard.

For instance latest.tar.gz could remain and always point to the Latest
and Greatest, but so could:
For the individual tracks/versions.

With my update script, and now Alex's, out there it would be nice to
have a link that would ALWAYS be the LaG in the 2.0 series and one for
the LaG in the 2.1 series and probably our current link for the overall

It would be nice to carry that structure over to the Beta side of things
too.  One link that is always the LaG beta/rc.

Then we could configure our scripts to each of those, and the user would
simply choose ONE of them to be their flavor of choice for the blogs
updated by that script.

Just a thought...

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