[wp-hackers] MySQL Version Bump

Bjorn Wijers mailings at bdisfunctional.net
Thu Jan 11 23:33:54 GMT 2007


Perhaps you could explain why there is a need for a newer version of 
mysql? Which features are lacking that urge us to use a newer version of 
MySQL. Or is the reason that MySQL AB is removing 3.23 from their 
support? Just curious.


Ryan Boren wrote:
> After much discussion on this list and with various hosts, I think this is
> the plan.  2.0.x will continue to work with 3.23.23 or greater.  2.1 will
> require 4.0 or greater.  2.2 will require 4.1 or greater.  There were
> several requests for a longer lead time before requiring 4.1.  Delaying the
> bump to 4.1 until the 2.2 time frame should be enough heads up.  Since
> 2.0.xwill be maintained for a good long while, it is always an option
> for those
> who can't or won't upgrade MySQL.
> Sound good?  If so, we can make an announcement to let folks know what is
> happening.
> Ryan
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