[wp-hackers] Final push for 2.1

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 08:14:47 GMT 2007

[Computer Guru wrote>
I've been using 2.1 for a very very long time now (basically a month or two after 2.0 was released) on my production (high-traffic) blog, and I haven't experienced a single issue (except once) that stopped me from using it or backfired. 
However, that doesn't mean that 2.1 is ready for release now, like Mark has been saying with the 2.0.6 issue, we need heavy testing _from the public_

A lot of issues can only be found once WP is deployed in quantity - in order for that to happen we have to try to get as many people as possible to use WP 2.1 before its *official* release.]

I can agree with this though, I guess that's why I pointed this out last time:

It basically says the same as C.G. says above, yet covers other things too. 

a) Having someone start on a 2.1 Section or page, in the Codex itself? With notes on what's different within 2.1 itself. Then..

b) Like Michael B mentioned here already..

Maybe something can be done with the Beta Forum itself..? 

c) Since the 2.0.X betas seem to only last a short period of time, and being that most talks about it are handled through here.. How about deleting all the 2.0.X beta related threads? 


c-1) Locking that "Beta" forum all together, and archive the 2.0.X Beta threads.. (Have it so those can't reply to them)..


d) Delete all the 2.0.X related beta threads, and just change the title of "Beta" to =>  "2.1 Beta"? 

With a sticky, or some stickies at the top, containing the "way to download the 2.1 beta", "the way to join the testers list", "the changes", "features", "what's to be expected", "whatever else"..

This way, "word" would be out ahead of time.. So it's not going to be like a HUGE surprise to the (masses) users, which are so used too, and familiar with the 2.0.X versions..? 

IMHO, with 2.1-beta here now, which contains a few backend end "modifications",and so forth.. I really think it'd "help" in the long run, to get some "word" out on the 2.1 itself in the forums, and Codex.. giving the "masses" the heads up. 

I know there was several blog posts made by the dev(s), coders, and so forth.. But there are still people, that are lost to the wind on everything sigh..  I don't know though.. what's your thoughts on this ?


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