[wp-hackers] WP and FeedBurner Disconnects

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 22:11:56 GMT 2007

Just my 2 cents on the whole "assuming 2.0.7 being shipped after 2.1.."

Most know they just bumped up the version to 2.0.7-alpha now.. 

And, since feeds are very "valuable" to most people...

a) Work out the problems for this quickly, and whatever else issues too.. (which of course will be happening!) .. 

b) Ship 2.0.7 out the door quickly, rather then (weeks of) having the volunteers point users to yet *another* site page, telling them "how-to" get such things fixed... because this is really more depressing, not to mention time consuming to *everyone*, and so forth.. ya know? 


b-1) Make a forum sticky on the index page there, with notes on such ("various") problems, and include references to such fixes for the ("various") issues. Until 2.0.7 actually gets out the door.. ? (Various meaning, someone had a 500 error already, don't think anyone's really sure on that, the feeds issue for another, whatever else that may (heaven forbid) popup)..

c) From what I'm getting, 2.0.X versions will most likely be first priority regardless. It's the "one" that is widely used, and known.. Well, for now at least lol. Even though 2.1 made beta, from what I'm getting, it's not "full-blown-public" yet.. 

Which is why I said above there, since these "issues" came up, and Mark J knows of them, rather then volunteers having to point users to another "fix or fixes" *again*..  I would just like to see 2.0.7 done/fixed up in a quick manner this time, and shipped quickly too. (I know, I know, quick isn't the greatest thing in the world)...

d) Which will be brought up in another reply email on this list, regarding the 2.1 - link categories, and will mention the beta forum..

I guess that's all on my mind for now, might not amount to a hill of beans, but, just wanted to get it out.. =P


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