[wp-hackers] Beta Uno

Mike Koepke mkoepke1 at mikekoepke.com
Fri Jan 5 00:41:29 GMT 2007


In reference to Roy's email, can we expect 2.0.6 soon?   My 
recommendation is to put 2.0.6 out the door and leave 2.0.7 scheduled 
moving the remaining open 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 open.


Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ...Sorry  if  it's off-topic or has been covered  previously
>> (here or elsewhere), but when will 2.0.6 be available, if at
>> all  (upgrade  route  to 2.1 instead)? One of my  sites  got
>> cracked  last  night  and we suspect it has to do  with  the
>> following:
> Since it's a XSS attack that requires you to be a vector, just check 
> your browser history if you think that was the attack. I would be 
> surprised if it was.

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