[wp-hackers] Checking plugins versions

Russ Gilman-Hunt (YAR) gilmanhunt at comcast.net
Tue Jan 2 14:39:40 GMT 2007

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 12:20:59 +0100
Alex Günsche <ag.ml2007 at zirona.com> wrote:
> I have thought about the following: One could develop a meta-plugin,
> which provides an admin page with information for each plugin like
> current version, latest version available, nature of changes between
> installed and latest version (security fixes), maybe even some sort of
> changelog.
> Plugin authors would provide this information in a standardized way,
> e.g. in an XML file. This file could be put into a central repository,
> or the plugin itself could carry the information where the update file
> is. Creating the update file could be simplified and standardised
> with a small generator form.

Could we, perhaps, use RSS to accomplish the same thing? If we used
ATOM, we could even include a patch as an attachment. Your meta-plugin
could work similarily to an aggregating service like feedburner. That
way we don't have yet-another-XML-Specification.

Russ Gilman-Hunt
gilmanhunt at comcast.net

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