[wp-hackers] Happy New Year and Predictions

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Mon Jan 1 00:55:11 GMT 2007

Jeff Minard Commented:
>Matt Mullenweg wrote:
>> * Daily spam will be 10x what it is today
>Well now, aren't you just a bit conservative ;D

And I thought he was being very ambitious...

* WYSIWYG will no longer annoy savvy writers


But the "several more WP companies will be started" is a no brainer.  So
I guess he had to reach for something.

My 7 predictions (I'm overly optimistic day to day.  So my new years
predictions usually not.):
* Several big security scares will be raised that turn out to be issues
already fixed, but one (maybe two) major and several minor *real*
security related issues will be found and fixed quickly, quietly and
* Microsoft blogging software will go to full release and will be dubbed
the WP killer (until it flops)
* WP will be bundled with several more OS's and web production packages.
* The Corel Corporation will put an injunction on the use of the
initials WP for WordPress.
* CMS will be come a major use case for WP and the next major release
will provide the intelligent tools to make it a true possibility.
* Tension and competition will rise and occasionally flare between the
open source publication solutions.
* The final WP release in 2007 will be named after Ryan's second...

I heard a good quote today "Who you are *today* is a direct result of
the decisions you've made in the last six months."  

May we all make the right ones...

Brian Layman 

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