[wp-hackers] Need help with gallery plugin implementation

Pierre-Luc Auclair p.lucauclair at heliosmulti.com
Tue Feb 27 08:40:09 GMT 2007


I'm writing a gallery plugin that's seamlessly integrated to WP. So far I have 
a lot of the admin panels done as a menu of their own. This all works okay 
and I have no problem with this.

Now I'm having a bit of difficulty implementing it how I intended to. Here's a 
small image to give you an idea:

The way to access its main page (categories or projects overview, depending 
how the template is done) should be blogroot/portfolio.php 
Categories available from /portfolio.php?cat=id
Projects available from /porftolio.php?project=id
Images available from /portfolio.php?img=id

All will be mod_rewrite redirected for convenience.

I don't want the gallery plugin to be available as a page (from the pages 
list), nor setup as templates. Its pages won't appear under the Manage Pages 
admin panel since the plugin has an administration of its own.

Calling the gallery page should be calling the proper page template from the 
themes directory.

Such a theme would look like a normal page, except that all the functions in 
them apart from the normal get_header and stuff will be getting the plugin's 

How can I achieve that?



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