[wp-hackers] mysql_real_connect instead of mysql_connect

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Feb 26 07:09:35 GMT 2007

On 2/25/07, Jamie Talbot <wphackers at jamietalbot.com> wrote:
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> Robert Deaton wrote:
> > Yeah, there's one very good reason, there is no PHP mysql_real_connect
> > function.
> Heh, details, details... :)
> > PHP's mysql_connect will use the C wrapper mysql_real_connect if it is
> > available. What this guy wants is to be able to pass a flag to the C
> > mysql_real_connect through PHP's mysql_connect. The flag he wants to
> > set can in fact be used, it is in the notes section of the
> > documentation [1]. How he wants to have them placed in, I'm not sure,
> > wpdb is loaded long before our plugins so there really is no way for a
> > plugin to set that, and I am -1 on turning this on for everyone, for
> > BC reasons.
> Yeah, let's not turn it on for everyone, but remember that wpdb.php can be overridden if there is a
> db.php in wp-content...  He could probably create his own wpdb class to set this up correctly then...

Okay, I keep saying the same thing two minutes later so I'll just shut up now.


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