[wp-hackers] Finding bugs to fix on Trac

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Sun Feb 25 22:15:48 GMT 2007

On Feb 25, 2007, at 11:07 AM, Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:

> Thanks! I've updated "Contributing to WordPress" on the Codex to  
> point to this report, since it's much more useful now. :)

Hey Jennifer,

Lloyd has requested that the original query be restored, as that  
report was useful to him as is.  So what I did was restore the "Needs  
Patch" report to its former functionality (shows all tickets that  
lack "has-patch" tag), and I created a new report called "Lacks  
Attachment" that has the new query (shows all tickets that either (a)  
lack an attachment or (b) are marked "needs-patch")

So Report 14 (Needs Patch) is nice for seeing which tickets have not  
been definitely marked as having a patch.

Report 18 (Lacks Attachment) is nice for people looking for a virgin  
ticket with no patch.  If your code finger is itching and you want to  
code up the first solution to a problem, this is where you want to look.

Both are useful, but to different groups.  And if you have  
suggestions for new reports that might be helpful, let me know!

Mark Jaquith

Covered Web Services

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