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Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Sun Feb 25 16:43:15 GMT 2007

Robert Deaton wrote:

> But what about when the user DOES want that. When the user is citing a
> source inline and they'd like to italicize the source because it
> follows certain academic guidelines, that in no way means emphasis,
> and it definitely does not mean "Hey theme, format me however the hell
> you'd like" like strong and em do. I will agree with Doug and say that
> we should probably have four buttons, strong, em, b, and i, that each
> do their own thing.

Possibly. However what we really need for those other cases is not so 
much <i> as <span class="wordasword">, <span class="vector"> and so 
forth. <i> is still deprecated. Better to use a span and CSS.

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