[wp-hackers] Writing plugins with classes

Per Soderlind per at soderlind.no
Sun Feb 25 00:17:42 GMT 2007

On 2007-02-24, Aaron Brazell wrote:
> Hey guys-
> Maybe someone can give me a quick pointer here. I've always wrote
> plugins procedurally, but decided with this new one to write as a
> class. Problem is, I'm obviously screwing up some syntax somewhere
> because the class is being redeclared. There's really only two places
> it could be happening and it boils down to WP syntax, not PHP... Help.

Take a look at the source of wp-pda (http://imthi.com/wp-pda), it's a nice
(and short) example on how to write a pluging using a class.

Kind regards,

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