[wp-hackers] WP & MVC

David Weitz dabbaking at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 22:22:33 GMT 2007

Petit wrote:
> Ryan Boren wrote:
>> <grumpy-old-engineer-mode>I spent years
>> developing in Smalltalk and C++.  I've written embedded CORBA ORBs and
>> embedded object databases.  I've seen pure OO zealotry wax and wan.
>> OO is just a tool.  WP doesn't need to be reinvented, just massaged.
>> Let's do some pragmatic engineering that keeps users in mind instead
>> of engineering for the sake of engineering that accomplishes little
>> beyond giving developers a new toy to play
>> with.</grumpy-old-engineer-mode>
>> Ryan
> This, young friends, is literature!
> ;)
It would have been a long day if Ryan had forgotten to close that tag! :o

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