[wp-hackers] multisite wordpress

Scott Hadfield hadfield at hatchwebstudio.com
Thu Feb 22 07:34:23 GMT 2007

On 2/21/07, Aubrey Kilian <aubreykilian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> delurking for a moment here...
> > >> >> I just wrote a patch for wordpress that allows you to have a
> > >> multisite
> > >> >> http://scotthadfield.ca/?p=175) if you're interested.
> > >> >http://mu.wordpress.org
> I've tried this before, and gave up, 'cos it wasn't an easy win.  :-)
> I think the mods you've made will need to be thoroughly tested from a
> security and XSS or even cross-dir-access kind of way...

This is true.

> I would very much like to hear the reasoning of the developer why his
> > version is better. :)
> Having looked at the patch file, it really just seems to make a
> site-specific plugin and site-specific themes directory and a
> site-specific wp-config file available, which is in the end what you
> really want, but it doesn't cater for site-specific wp-content
> directory, which is something that one would want, especially when it
> comes to uploading images etc.  Even though images get unique names,
> you want to be able to isolate one site's images from another.
Exactly, although, can't you easily configure the uploads folder to be in a
site specific location through the options tab in wordpress?

Looking at wpmu a bit more, it might make more sense to get a patch (or a
plugin, if that's possible) that can work with that setup instead. That way
you'd at least get the benefit of the site wide common DB tables as Boris
says :).

I appreciate the feedback,


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