[wp-hackers] multisite wordpress

Aubrey Kilian aubreykilian at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 05:48:04 GMT 2007

Hi All,

delurking for a moment here...

> >> >> I just wrote a patch for wordpress that allows you to have a
> >> multisite
> >> >> http://scotthadfield.ca/?p=175) if you're interested.
> >> >http://mu.wordpress.org
I've tried this before, and gave up, 'cos it wasn't an easy win.  :-)
I think the mods you've made will need to be thoroughly tested from a
security and XSS or even cross-dir-access kind of way...

> I would very much like to hear the reasoning of the developer why his
> version is better. :)
Having looked at the patch file, it really just seems to make a
site-specific plugin and site-specific themes directory and a
site-specific wp-config file available, which is in the end what you
really want, but it doesn't cater for site-specific wp-content
directory, which is something that one would want, especially when it
comes to uploading images etc.  Even though images get unique names,
you want to be able to isolate one site's images from another.

What is needed for this patch to work, is a CONTENTDIR constant to be
available across the whole codebase.  WPMU may not be fit-for-purpose
for what Colin is trying to do, as you really do want each site to
have its own themes etc.

If the WP main codebase had a WPCONTENT constant all over (and this
could have repercussions for plugins all over), then this multisite
mod could be much easier to accomplish, or even incorporate into the
main codebase...

What's important to realise is that MultiUser != MultiSite...

Back to lurk mode...


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